2. Preliminary Research

Reduced from £130 to £49.99

This research is ideal for people who don't have a lot of information concerning their Irish ancestor. Once we receive information from our client, a member of our team will search our vast quantities of records, documents and registries that are only available

to the My Irish Ancestors genealogists. Normally, the PRELIMINARY RESEARCH will locate your ancestor's residence, such as parish, town or townland.

Once a specific location is discovered, the genealogist will search various records listing every family member or person of the corresponding surname living in that area. This search will locate other family members belonging to your Irish ancestor. The Irish records and registries available to the genealogist start from the early 20th century census stretching back to the mid 1600's.

A Final report will be produced and can sometimes include individual files such as maps of residence and historical individual records belonging to your ancestor.

The researcher will spend at least 8 hours researching all relevant Irish records . When the research is complete, a typed report will be created of all discoveries. The report will be emailed within 10 working days.
Our Preliminary Irish Research has been reduced from £130 to ONLY £49.99 (Reduction by 65%). Payments are totally secure via a third party which is PAYPAL. If you require a Preliminary Report you can start by filling in the form.

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