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Since was established in 1997 by two genealogists, we have grown to become one of Ireland's leading ancestry research companies. Many years later, our team have never forgot our sole aim which is to help people from all over the world discover their Irish ancestry.

Our team of experts have a love for their job and feel extremely lucky to be employed at something they enjoy. Some are retirees but don't wish to be left out to pasture and gladly spend hours delving into record collections and registries in order to shed light on a client's family history. Before joining the My Irish Ancestors, some members were involved in local history and either carried out projects or published books on specific areas of Ireland. Martin McGoldrick and Richard McNally, for instance, were involved in the widely acclaimed OLD LURGAN LIFE, published in 2005, before using their expertise in researching Irish ancestry.

My Irish Ancestors Genealogy Team

The My Irish Ancestors Team in 2010

Since our humble beginnings in the 90s, our team have become have solved many cases and helped thousands belonging to the Irish Diaspora. Our research team have created various genealogy networks that now cover the entire country, from Malin Head (Ireland's most northerly point) to Mizen Head, the most southerly point of Ireland.

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Our networks allow us to discover ancestry from all the major cities including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry (Derry). At a moment's notice we can have team members travel to locations in all 32 counties in order to have research completed within the shortest period of time.

Irish Family in 19th century

An Old Irish Family Portrait

Some team members adore travelling to the less urbanised areas and Irish countryside. They enjoy searching old church records, or walking through graveyards to record details from headstones of Irish ancestors.

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Our newest team member, Rebecca, is involved in the accounts and web design sides of the business. Using her IT skills, she identifies which department should be contacted to answer enquiries concerning a potential client's Irish ancestors. After identifying a specific area of Ireland, she will forward the information to the relevant researcher. The work Rebecca carries out is valuable as it enables the rest of our team to concentrate on researching and producing reports for our clients.

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Overall we have calculated that our team's research experience exceeds 250 years. This is a vast amount of knowledge of Irish genealogy and if you have ever wondered where your origins began, then you must tap into this well of knowledge. You can do this by simply filling in our FREE ASSESSMENT FORM, telling us everything you know.

Within a short period of time (normally up to 7 days) a team member will reply to your request advising what particular course of action you should take, which of our research facilities will suit best and what chances there will be in successfully finding records regarding your Irish ancestor.

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